Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

11, 4, pp. 363-391, Warsaw 1973

Osobliwość naprężeń siłowych i momentowych w ciele mikropolarnym wywołana obciążeniami skupionymi (I)

Janusz Dyszlowicz, Stanisław Matysiak
The problem of elastic half-space in the plane strain state due to static force and couple-forces loadings for linear micropolar medium is considered. Starting from the equations of displacements (without body force terms) we define the strain and stress distributions in the half-space. The solution consists of two parts: the classical solution and a typical solution of the boundary problem of non-symmetric elasticity. In particular, loadings concentrated in the origin and acting on the half-space are considered and the character of stress and couple-stress singularities is examined. In all the cases the limiting results alpha to 0 (classical theory of elasticity) and alpha to infty (couple-stress theory of elasticity) are evaluated.