Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

15, 4, pp. 501-516, Warsaw 1977

Stateczność boczna w czasie dobiegu lądującego samolotu sportowego

Zdobysław Goraj, Jerzy Maryniak, Zbigniew Paturski, Maria Złocka
Mathematical model of the sports aircraft during the landing run with five degrees of freedom is presented. Non-steady state tyre side forces are developed as linear function of sideslip, camber angle and stationary aerodynamics forces. The equations of motion in quasi-coordinates are derived by application of Boltzmann-Hamel equations for the system with holonomic constraints. Results of the full analysis show that the aircraft during the landing run has two physically significant inodes, which are referred to here as the shimmy and yaw modes. An effect of parameters changcs is discussed.