Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

34, 2, pp. 439-458, Warsaw 1996

Application of infrared radiation detection to the metal behaviour investigation under mechanical loading

Wiera Oliferuk
The experimental methods of metal testing, being producent, employed and under development in Laboratory of Thermoplasticity of Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, based on contactless measurements of the temperature field are presented. These methods are: determination of the onset of plastic deformation on a macroscopic scale during the uniaxial tension, observation of the non-uniform and localised deformation in the samples under mechanical loading, determination of the stored energy during the uniaxial tensile deformation of austenitic steel.

The present paper includes also the essence of non-contact measurement of temperature method and presents the integration of 680 AGA Ther-movision System with the PTR WIN System, which allows for digitising and then storing the thermal images on hard disk.