Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 3, pp. 603-619, Warsaw 2007

Turbulent heat transfer in thin liquid films at low and high heat fluxes

Dariusz Mikielewicz, Jarosław Mikielewicz
In the paper presented are considerations of turbulent heat transfer in thin liquid films at low and high heat fluxes. Postulated have been simple models of heat transfer for laminar and turbulent liquid films formed by impinging jets and exposed to nucleate boiling, namely under high heat fluxes, as well as without nucleate boiling, at low heat fluxes, as a simplified case. Turbulence in such case is strongly modified and difficult to be modelled. Turbulence model due to Prandtl has been applied where, in the case of high heat fluxes, the mixing length is strongly modified. In the case of high heat fluxes, incorporated into the model is a blowing velocity, which models the transverse transport of momentum caused by departing bubbles. Calculated have been the velocity and temperature distributions in the liquid film, which enabled determination of the corresponding heat transfer coefficient and the Nusselt number.
Keywords: blowing velocity; impinging jet; nucleate boiling