Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

46, 1, pp. 205-221, Warsaw 2008

Vibro-impacts induced by irregular rolling surfaces of railway rails and wheels

Zofia Kowalska
Irregularities on rolling surfaces of deformable compact bodies induce normal contact vibrations and vibro-impacts in particular. Modelling, simulation and analysis of such an excitation and the system dynamical response are the objects of the study. Parameter analysis of transient vibro-impacts induced by a single irregularity is helpful in the understanding of dynamical properties of the system. Moreover, the analysis may be helpful in experiment design for detecting defects of rolling surfaces and faults of neighbour structures suspending/supporting the rolling bodies. Simulations performed with very simple models are next compared with results obtained from simulations of the whole wagon performed by using the Adams/Rail software.
Keywords: unilateral contact; contact vibration; wheel-rail contact