Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

47, 1, pp. 211-227, Warsaw 2009

Torsional vibrations of discrete-continuous systems with local nonlinearities having soft type characteristics

Amalia Pielorz, Monika Skóra
The paper deals with nonlinear vibration problems of multi-mass torsionally deformed mechanical systems. The systems consist of shafts connected by an arbitrary number of rigid bodies. In the systems, a local nonlinearity having a nonlinear characteristic of a soft type is introduced. The local nonlinearity is described by functions including irrational functions together with two other nonlinear functions. In the considerations, the wave approach is applied. Numerical analysis is focused on the investigation of the influence of the local nonlinearity on the behaviour of considered systems and on the determination of application ranges of the irrational functions. Exemplary numerical calculations are given for a three-mass system.
Keywords: dynamics of mechanical systems; waves; nonlinear oscillations; discrete-continuous models