Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

55, 3, pp. 853-868, Warsaw 2017
DOI: 10.15632/jtam-pl.55.3.853

Bending, buckling, and forced vibration analyses of nonlocal nanocomposite microplate using TSDT considering MEE properties dependent to various volume fractions of CoFe2O4-BaTiO3

Mehdi Mohammadimehr, Rasoul Rostami
In this article, the bending, buckling, free and forced vibration behavior of a nonlocal nanocomposite
microplate using the third order shear deformation theory (TSDT) is presented.
The magneto-electro-elastic (MEE) properties are dependent on various volume fractions of
CoFe2O4-BaTiO3. According to Maxwell’s equations and Hamilton’s principle, the governing
differential equations are derived. These equations are discretized by using Navier’s method
for an MEE nanocomposite Reddy plate. The numerical results show the influences of elastic
foundation parameters such as aspect ratio, length to thickness ratio, electric and magnetic
fields and various volume fractions of CoFe2O4-BaTiO3 on deflection, critical buckling load
and natural frequency. The natural frequency and critical buckling load increases with
the increasing volume fraction of CoFe2O4-BaTiO3, also the amplitude vibration decreases
with an increase in the volume fraction. This model can be used for various nanocomposite
structures. Also, a series of new experiments are recommended for future work.
Keywords: bending and buckling analysis, free and forced vibration analysis, nonlocal nanocomposite microplate, various volume fractions of CoFe2O4-BaTiO3