Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

0, 0, pp. , Warsaw 0

Effect of the temporal profile of the friction power on temperature of the pad-disc brake system

Aleksander Yevtushenko, Michał Kuciej, Katarzyna Topczewska
A mathematical model to analyse the influence of change of friction power over time on the temperature of a pad-disc tribosystem has been proposed. For this purpose a boundary-value problem of heat conduction for two semi-infinite bodies with taking into account a heat generation due to the friction on the contact surface was formulated. Exact solutions of this problem were obtained for seven temporal profiles of the specific heat generation power, which were established experimentally. For selected friction materials, numerical analysis of the spatiotemporal temperature distributions and heat fluxes intensities were executed. The obtained results were compared with a corresponding data which were found by means of known approximate solution.
Keywords: braking, friction power, frictional heating, temperature, heat flux


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