Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

14, 1, pp. 45-61, Warsaw 1976

Dynamika płaskiej wiązki przewodów przy prądach zwarciowych

Maria Radwańska, Zenon Waszczyszyn
The fundamental system of differential equations (3.9) of a plane pair of linear conductors (cables) is derived. The cables move due to electrodynamical actions, the intensity of which depends on the actual configuration of the cables. The system can be reduced to two non-linear equations (3.11) of hyperbolic type. Since the explicit integration of the system is difficult, an approximate problem is analysed in the paper under the assumption that the distribution of axial force in each rope is equal to n(,tau)=c(tau). The approximate set of equations system is solved by means of finite differences by applying a net adapted to the characteristics. An algorithm appropriate for the digital computer ODRA-1204 is presented. Two numerical examples concern the one-span and two-span cable systems. The results present the distribution of axial forces in the ropes and of their configurations in time.