Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

14, 1, pp. 63-81, Warsaw 1976

Stateczność boczna samolotu i drgania lotek z uwzględnieniem odkształcalności giętnej skrzydeł i sprężystości układu sterowania

Jerzy Maryniak, Maria Złocka
The paper deals with the effect of rigidity and damping of control system and the effect of aileron static trim degree on the lateral stability of a plane and aileron vibrations. The plane was considered as an ideally rigid mechanical system with flexibly deformable wings and movable ailerons. The equations of motion in quasi-coordinates were written using Boltzmann-Hamel equations for the system with holonomic constraints. Five degrees of freedom were considered, i.e. three degrees of freedom of a plane as a rigid body: rolling, yawing and sideslip and anti-symmetrical flexible wing deformation and elastic aileron displacement. After the equation system linearization the solution was reduced to finding the eigenvectors and the corresponding eigenvalues of the state matrix.