Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

17, 2, pp. 189-202, Warsaw 1979

Teoria średniej grubości ortotropowych tarcz trójwarstwowych

Jerzy Kujawski

The paper presents an improved method of calculation of orthotropic sandwich plates with moderate thickness. The loadings of the plate consist of surface forces with all three components acting symmetrically with respect to the middle plane and body forces. It has been assumed that full tensors of stresses and strains are in a core of plate and in usually thin faces of plates, the membrane stresses and strains are similar to those of the classical theory. The problem is solved in displacements assuming a continuous field of displacements in the whole plate's region. The obtained system of three differential equations of tenths order allows to determine the three unknown displacements of the face of the plate. In the given example we show the stress concentration near the loaded boundary.