Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

18, 2, pp. 169-192, Warsaw 1980

Niektóre problemy nieliniowej teorii powłok

Wojciech Pietraszkiewicz

The paper contains a revue of some advances in the non-linear theory of shells in the period 1975-1978 with particular reference to the new results obtained by the author. Within the non-linear theory of thin shells the following topics are discussed: the theory of finite rotations, various forms of geometric boundary conditions and energetically compatible static boundary conditions, various representations in the Lagrangean descrioption and the consistent simplification of the equations in the case of small elastic strain and for additionally restricted rotations. Basic relations of the general theory of finite rotations in shells are presented. A consistent second approximations refined two-dimensional equilibrium equations and constitutive relations are presented. Finally, some unsolved problems of the non-linear theory of shells are pointed out.