Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

19, 1, pp. 125-135, Warsaw 1981

Numeryczne modelowania zapłonu cząstki paliwa stałego

Włodzimierz Kordylewski, Halina Kruczek

A numerical method of the modelling ignition process, for a single spherical particle of a solid fuel is presented. The problems has been solved by an implicit finite-difference technique based on the thermal-diffusion ignition theory. The surrounding space of a particle has been transformed into the unit sphere by conversion of the linear variable eta. In this way the difficulty connected with the estimate of the thickness of boundary layer has been avoided and the boundary conditions at the infinity assured. The ourth kind of nonlinear boundary conditions which appear in the problem lead to nonlinear algebraic equation which have been solved by the method of false position. The numerical examples illustrate the method of modelling.