Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

19, 2, pp. 315-329, Warsaw 1981

Wyznaczenie współczynników uderzenia w układzie o dwu stopniach swobody z nieliniowością typu Duffinga i Hertza

Henryk Wojciechowski

In the paper the linearization method of the non-linear conservative system with the two degrees of freedom has been considered. The system is excitated by aperiodic or impact loads. The linearization of the non-linear motion equations has been performed after having introduced the main coordinates. The system excitated by triangular pulse has been tested in particular. Besides, the two-mass system with jojning spring of Hertz characteristcs has been considered. The system has been excitated by the motion impart of the mass mi with the initial velocity v0. For both systems the dynamic factors have been introduced.