Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

19, 3, pp. 435-454, Warsaw 1981

Analityczny opis starzenia poliamidu 6 niszczonego zmęczeniowo

Marian Nowak

The variation of fatigue behavior of polyamide 6 (PA 6) in effect of ten years of ageing is presented. The hypothesis of ageing process of polymers, based on experimental results and general physico-chemical properties of polymers has been proposed in the following form: fatigue limit of thermoplastics aged in laboratory environment conditions decrease in agreement with Gaussian distribution (with parameters and) and general empirical equation (1). A method of accelerated investigation of ageing has been proposed. The analytical description of life-time curve may be found on the basis of such experimental results which enable to determine the value of. Then the constans Z and B may be found from equation (3) and (9). A simple formula for determination the ageing time of polymers in laboratory environment conditions has been proposed. A new classification of polymers has been done. The criterion of classification were the rate of ageing (18) and time of ageing equal to value of standard deviation.