Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

21, 1, pp. 69-77, Warsaw 1983

Metoda wyznaczania momentów skupionych działających na tyczkę podczas skoku

Jan Pietrała

The paper presents the method of evaluating moments applied to the pole during pole-vault. The method is based on the analysis of the pole shape during different phases of vault, starting from the phase when the pole is not deflected. It is assumed that the pole shape, obtained by means of kinematographic analysis, is the effect of superposition of two phenomena. Firstly, the force applied to the free end of the pole, acting in the direction of the chord joining both ends (Love's model [4]). Secondly, the moment originated from the couple of forces applied to the pole by the vaulter's grip, acting on non-deflected pole. Comparing the pole shape observed and the shape evaluated basing on Love's model, the shape resulting from the moment action only can be obtained. Then, the value of moment acting on the pole with respect to time can be determined. An example of the moment transient during the vault is presented. A method of analysis of the polevault models, that take into account the action of vaulter, is then proposed.