Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

22, 3-4, pp. 453-471, Warsaw 1984

Dynamika jednokulkowego korektora pionu sztucznego horyzontu

Aleksander Dąbrowski, Zbigniew Burda

The subject of the paper is'a dynamical analysis of the mechanical Erector for Gyro-Vertical (for Artificial Horizon). The paper informs about application and functions of Gyro-Erecting Devices. It also includes classification of Gyro-Erecting Systems – proposed by the authors. The main part – covers design, analysis and detailed discussion of the math, model of one ball type Gyro-Erector with straight-line guideway. Authors have taken into account a number of principles treated as theories in working out solutions to real situations in the work of Erector for Gyro-Vertical.