Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

23, 2, pp. 315-333, Warsaw 1985

Zginanie belek lepkosprężystych na podłożu reologicznym

Tadeusz Smoleń

In the paper several problems of bending of viscoelastic beams with arbitrary static scheme, resting on a foundation having viscoelastic properties are formulated. In the formulation the difference of rheological models of a beam and foundation materials is assumed but they are not precised on the stage of the formulation. Keeping on mind the application of the finite element method, the variational formulations of the problems are achieved and general algorithm and its computer realization is presented. In working out of the algorithm the semi-analytical approximation of searched solution by using the solution of analogical elastic problem is applicated. The approximation consist in analytic formulating of considerated dependences with respect to time. The efficiency of the algorithm by several numerical examples is supported.