Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

24, 1-2, pp. 109-125, Warsaw 1986

Oprzyrządowanie oraz metody eksperymentalnych badań przepływu pary przez ostatnie stopnie turbin kondensacyjnych

Stanisław Marcinkowski

The schemes of measurement systems have been presented on 13 K 215 turbine performed at the power plant Kozienice for the investigations of the wet-steem flow through the last turbine stages. By means of the stands and probes mounted on the turbine the following investigations have been performed: i) Effectiveness of water extraction from hollow stator blades of the last stage. The experimental blades have suction slots enabling to extract water just flowing on the blade surface. One of the two last stage stator diaphragms in the double exhaust LP turbine was connected with a tank to measure the amount of extracted water. ii) The last stage diaphragm with 35 measuring points of static and total pressure and with 7 movable probes enables to measure and observe the wet steam flow in the whole LP turbine. The probes are of several types, namely: probes for measuring pressure distribution, periscope probes for observations (photograph and TV recording), universal probes (pressure and temperature distribution measurements, observations, droplet size measurements and their chemical composition). i) Automatic recording of some selected steam parameters and turbine operation conditions enabling to analyse the expansion line in the turbine. Some experimental results have been presented: a) the steam expansion line for different turbine operation conditions; b) the amount of water removed from the hollow stator blade of the last stage; c) observation results (localization of the condensation zone, photographs of the drops in this zone and captured on sampling slides with an appropriate probe equipment); d) steam flow investigations in the last stage.