Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

24, 4, pp. 551-571, Warsaw 1986

Doświadczalna analiza stateczności powłoki hiperboloidalnej chłodni kominowej

Reinhold Kałuża

The results of the experimental investigation of the buckling stability of the cooling tower shell with constant or varying shell thickness for hyperbolic shells with ribs and without ribs subjected to axially-symmetric loads are presented. Two or ten circumferential ribs were bonded successively to the smooth shell. The upper-limit and lower-Iimit critical loads were determined for shells with one and two ribs. The lower-limit critical load values were similar to those obtained for the smooth shell. The results were compared with those obtained by other authors. The conditions for determination of upper-limit loads and corresponding critical stresses are presented. The model geometry was interpolated in the circumferential direction using spline functions. The obtained values of critical loads and corresponding stresses were fitted with polynomials using loast squares method. The obtained results may be interesting for the designers and for the research scientists interested in experimental verification of numerical solutions of the buckling stability of hyperbolic shells subjected to axially-symmetrical loads.