Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

25, 1-2, pp. 145-155, Warsaw 1987

Analiza wymuszonych drgań wału korbowego ze śmigłem przy zastosowaniu metody elementów skończonych

Zbigniew Dżygadło, Wiesław Sobieraj, Piotr Zalewski

In the paper a method is presented for the analysis of flexural-torsional vibrations of a crankshaft of aircraft piston engine with an airscrew. The dynamic model of the system is determined by means of the finite element method making use
of the one-dimensional discretization and the deformable beam and shaft elements. In the model the damping at the supports and the vibration eliminators are taken into account. The airscrew is considered as a rigid element its gyroscopic moment being taken into account. Calculation results are presented in the form of the resonance characteristics of the system.