Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

25, 4, pp. 571-581, Warsaw 1987

Dopełnienie metody mory metodą warstwy optycznie czynnej

Aniela M. Glinicka

The moire method and photoelastic coating method applied simultaneously provide full information on the strain state of elasto-plastic structural elements. The tensile tests were performed on aluminium strips. A photoelastic coating was glued to one side of the strip while the other side of the strip was covered by a cross grating of 20 l/mm. The isochromatics and moire patterns were photographed at the same level of loading. As a result the linear strains were determined using the moirć method. On the basis of boundary isochromatics, obtained using the photoelastic coating method, the range of elastic strains was separated from the elastic-plastic range. In the presented procedure both the characteristic and most simplest exterminal data provided by each method were used.