Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

28, 3-4, pp. 379-400, Warsaw 1990

Analiza rezonansowa drgań sterów i ich wpływu na dynamikę ruchu samolotu

Adam Krzyżanowski

Spatial-motion dynamics was studied of aeroplane with deformable controls and ponderable control (ailerons, elevator and rudder) in the case of external force in the form of pulses acting upon the aeroplane in a finite time interval. A full nonlinear set of equations of the aeroplane spatial motion was employed along with the equations of motion of the ailerons, the elevator and the rudder on consideration of external actions explicitly time-dependent. A program was prepared for numerical integration of the equations by the Runge-Kutt-Gill method. Motion dynamics of an aeroplane was studied in the case of an external periodic force acting on the aeroplane. The effect of the external excitation on controls vibration and parameters of the aeroplane motion was considered as well as the effect of aerodynamic damping and controls unbalance an the motion dynamics dempending on the excitation frequency.