Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

28, 3-4, pp. 483-495, Warsaw 1990

Analiza rezonansu powietrznego śmigłowca w zawisie

Tomasz Bartler, Janusz Narkiewicz

The physical model for analysing influence of different parameters on helicopter air resonance has been developed. We have considered rigid fuselage of five degrees of freedom (yaw excluded) and three degrees of freedom for each rotor blade in equivalent hinge. The possibility of damping and kinematic coupling in equivalent hinges were taken into account. The aerodynamic loads have been computed from 2-D, quasi-steady model with nonlinear ptofile aerodynamic characteristics. The equations of motion have been integrated numericaly for a given period of time. The quantitative criterions for air resonance intensivity estimation based on numerical integration and harmonic analysis results were proposed. The sample calculation results are presented.