Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

29, 1, pp. 161-171, Warsaw 1991

Twierdzenie o obszarze wpływu dla naprężeniowo-strumieniowego problemu uogólnionej dynamicznej sprzężonej termosprężystości

Jerzy Biały

The domain of influence theorem for a conventional displacement-temperature, initial-boundary value problem of the linear generalized thermoelasticity was formulated in work [1]. The domain of influence theorem for a unonconventional natural stressflux-initial-boundary value problem of the geaeralized thermoelasticity has beeen proved in the present paper. In the considered case the initial thermoelastic states than to the class of initial displacement-temperature states. The method of proof employed in the present paper is similar to that used in work [1] and is based on the notion of a tensor which is a counterpart of the acoustic tensor of the isothermal theory of elasticity.