Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

30, 1, pp. 177-205, Warsaw 1992

Stabilność jednorodnej fluidyzacji gazowej. Efekty dwuwymiarowe – oddziaływanie bocznych ścian ograniczających

Paweł Wiewiórski

Whithin the framework of the two-fluid model the stability of the uniform fluidization state has been analysed. The two-dimensional bed has been taken into consideration. In contrast to previous works the tangential force which moderates the particles motion near the wall has been taken into account in boundary conditions on vertical walls. For a strong tangential interaction (in particular, in the non-slip case) the most amplified disturbances give a characteristic two-dimensional unsteady structure of porosity distribution that can be treated as a state which is a prelud to the birth of bubbles.