Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

33, 1, pp. 171-185, Warsaw 1995

Comparative analysis of constructional parameters and three-layered plate support influence on free vibrations frequencies

Kazimierz Szabelski, Tomasz Kaźmir
The analytical and numerical research into a three-layered plate with light filler free vibrations was presented in this paper. The following assumptions were made: the linings displayed the isotropic characteristic while the filler the orthotropic one. Influence of the flcxural rigidity on a vibrations frequency in three variants of the plate support was detected. The influence of some geometrical parameters on the free vibrations frequency was traced as well. Research results were verified on comparing the value of vibration frequency obtained for a plate with joint support with the experimental (Raville and Ueng (1967)) and the FEM results (Cheung and Khatua (1973)).