Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

33, 2, pp. 385-400, Warsaw 1995

Thermoelasticity of fibre composites

Romuald Świtka
This paper presents the complete theory of coupled thermoelasticity of fibre composites. The same displacement and temperature fields have been accepted for both phases (i.e. for matrix and fibre phase). The continuous model of a fibre composite body has been created so, that fibre phase is ideally ''fuzzy field''. The principles of energy conservation and principles of macroscopic thermodynamics have been used. The constitutive equations of fibre composite have been obtained as well as displacement equations and the conductivity equation. The equations obtained, include anisotropic terms, while the parameters of anisotropy of continuum are given explicitly. The paper is supplied with an example concerning heat conductivity in a finite space reinforced with fibres, which are parallel to the axis x_1.