Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

35, 1, pp. 3-20, Warsaw 1997

Dynamic model of beam-piezoceramic actuator coupling for active vibration control

Marek Pietrzakowski
In the paper the piezoelectric sensor/actuator pair capable of controlling structural vibrations of a simply supported beam has been analysed. The dynamic model of the beam-actuator coupling which includes the shear bonding layer is developed by taking into account the bending effect of the actuator. Solving the boundary value problem and assuming a harmonic excitation by the applied voltage, the transfer functions for the uncontrolled beam as well as for the system with velocity feedback are obtained. The numerical results prove the influence of bonding layer properties on frequency response functions. The results based on the proposed model of dynamic coupling are compared with those one obtained in the case the bending of the actuator is neglected.
Keywords: active vibration control; piezoelectric element