Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

36, 1, pp. 189-211, Warsaw 1998

Practical applicability of ident package to identification of parameters of dynamic models of machine tool supporting systems

Paweł Gutowski, Stefan Berczyński
In the paper a short description of the identification method of parameters of machine tool supporting system dynamic models, constructed according to the rigid finite element method convention is given. The identification is carried out on the basis of selected points of the experimentally determined amplitude-frequency characteristics of tested machine tool. It is possible to identify the parameters of spring-damping elements which model slideway joints, lead screws, turntables and rolling blocs as well as the parameters of the object foundation on spring-damping vibration isolators. Principal mathematical relationships of the identification algorithm are given. An example of practical use of this method for identifying selected parameters of FWD-32J type milling machine model is presented and discussed.
Keywords: identification; machine tool; modelling; dynamics; stiffness