Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

38, 3, pp. 499-521, Warsaw 2000

Problems of design and application of rotary torque meters for measurement of a small torque

Maciej Bodnicki
Torque measurements in precise equipment reveal a specific nature, which makes it very difficult or impossible to use many typical methods and measuring devices. Successful implementation of new torque meters prototypes and construction of new OPM/Z series of types allowed for new interesting experiments. New optoelectronic rotary torque meters, characterized by a minimal moment of inertia of the rotating subassembly, made it possible to take measurements of the torque both on the rotating and fixed shafts. Computer-aided experimental stands enable registration of a torque signal as well as automatic corrections of the measurement way. Formulation of a mathematical model of torque meters combined with numerical simulation allows for optimization of the torque measuring path e.g. by the selection of constructional features of individual elements of the stand.
Keywords: rotary torque meters; mechatronic drives; mechatronic equipment