Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

38, 3, pp. 531-547, Warsaw 2000

Intelligent structures of springs

Bogdan Branowski
The work is concerned with principles of design of ''intelligent'' sets of springs with a priori determined structure (the so called differential set of springs). Certain interesting properties can be obtained in such sets considering the thermal influence of the environment. These properties enable realisation of the selfcompensation function or even amplification of loading applied to the set in higher and varying temperatures, and to create the drive function of the linear motor while producing pulsatory temperature changes. The problem of loading selfcompensation has been solved considering the temperature changes of the shear modulus or the stress relaxation. The drive function enables one to apply the differential set of springs together with the spring made of shape memory alloy (SMA) to create a unique linear pulse micromotor. The SMA spring, activated thermally, operates as an actuator assuring pulse changes of the deflection in the differential set. These changes together with the unidirectional mechanism constitute the principle of operation of the micromotor robot that moves inside a tube).
Keywords: intelligent constructions of springs; mobile robots; SMA actuator