Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

39, 3, pp. 769-790, Warsaw 2001

Three-dimensional elastic and elasto-plastic frictional contact analysis of turbomachinery blade attachments

Grzegorz Zboiński, Wiesław Ostachowicz
The paper presents a summary of the research on three-dimensional contact analysis of turbomachinery blade attachments in the elastic and elasto-plastic range. In that context the paper deals with theoretical, methodological and phenomenological description of the problem. The paper focuses on the applied variational formulation of contact problems of elasticity and elasto-plasticity and the corresponding finite element methods, utilizes contact mechanics algorithms as well as describes displacement, stress, contact and slip states within real turbomachinery blade attachments. Non-linear character of contact mechanics procedures and influence of these nonlinearities on stress and deformation within the attachments are treated with special care.
Keywords: finite elements; contact mechanics; elasticity; elasto-plasticity