Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

40, 1, pp. 113-128, Warsaw 2002

On the dynamic behaviour of a uniperiodic folded plates

Bohdan Michalak
The aim of the contribution is to formulate an averaged model describing the dynamic behaviour of periodically folded shell-like structure, called a folded plate. The contribution proposes new approach to the modelling one-dimensional periodic structure. The characteristic feature of the proposed model is that it makes possible to take into account the effect of periodicity cell size on the dynamie behaviour of the periodic structure. It will be shown that the dynamic behaviour of the plate with one-dimensional periodic structure cannot be treated as a specific case of dynamics of the plate with two-dimensional periodic structure. The main drawback of most of the existing averaged models for periodic structure is that only averaged boundary conditions can be described. On the basis of the proposed model, a more general displacement boundary conditions in the mezo-scale (in the region of the periodicity cell) can be defined.
Keywords: shell; modelling; periodic structure; dynamics