Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

41, 1, pp. 55-73, Warsaw 2003

Estimation of high temperature fatigue lifetime of SUS304 steel with an energy parameter in the critical plane

Tadeusz Łagoda, Ewald Macha, Masao Sakane
The paper studies the application of the energy parameter, a sum of elastic and plastic strain energy densities in the critical plane, for the correlation of two series of proportional biaxial low-cycle lives using SUS304 stainless steel at elevated temperature. The first data used thin-walled cylinder specimens subjected to 7 proportional strain paths of combined tension-torsion and the other used cruciform specimens subjected to 5 proportional strain paths of biaxial tension-compression. These tests were done at the temperature of 923 K. The normal total strain energy density in the plane with the maximum damage was a suitable parameter for describing the test results.
Keywords: low-cycle fatigue; multiaxial fatigue; energy approach; lifetime; high temperature