Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

43, 3, pp. 487-500, Warsaw 2005

Controller design and implementation for active vibration suppression of a piezoelectric smart shell structure

Ulrich Gabbert, Tamara Nestorović-Trajkov, Heinz Köppe
The paper is dealing with the model based controller design for a shell structure attached with piezoelectric patches as actuators and sensors. The state-space model used for the controller design was obtained using the finite element (FE) approach, modal analysis and modal reduction resulting in a form
convenient for the controller development. The optimal LQ controller was designed for the vibration suppression purposes of a funnel shaped shell structure. The design model for the controller development was augmented with additional dynamics which takes into account excitations/disturbances, contributing thus to a better vibration suppression. The controller was implemented on a funnel-shaped piezoelectric structure. The structure was intensively investigated experimentally, and the achieved results of the controlled behaviour with respect to vibration suppression are presented and discussed.
Keywords: active vibration suppression; optimal controller design; piezoelectric smart structure