Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

43, 3, pp. 501-509, Warsaw 2005

Advanced modelling of vibratory machines

Mariusz Giergiel, Józef Giergiel
Along with increasing dimensions, speed, and output of modern machines, many newly appearing
problems are being encountered in design and manufacturing of such machines. Vibrations occuring in
certain technological processes create undesirable phenomena which limit the durability, cause
excessive dynamic reactions with surroundings or increase level of emitted sound. For a certain class of machines, however, vibration constitutes the primary factor ensuring that a desired technological process is performed correctly. This class is hereafter referred to as vibratory machines. Based on the considerations made in this paper, a conclusion can be drawn that from the point of view of mechatronical design of vibratory machines it is necessary to determine precise models of machines including the driving system, especially the induction motor.
Keywords: vibratory machines; machine dynamics; modelling