Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

44, 1, pp. 127-137, Warsaw 2006

Influence of notch (tip) radius on fatigue crack growth rate

Dariusz Rozumek, Ewald Macha, Paolo Lazzarin, Giovanni Meneghetti
The paper deals with the problem of fatigue crack propagation from notches in plates made of FeP04 steel and AA356-T6 aluminium alloy. The tests were performed under different stress ranges by keeping the nominal load ratio $ (R=0.1)$ constant. The specimens were weakened by nearly-sharp and blunt two-sided notches. The results of the fatigue tests were then reanalysed in terms of the J-integral range including influence of the notch. It was observed that the blunter notches are, the higher fatigue crack growth rate is.
Keywords: fatigue crack growth; J-integral range; load ratio; notch