Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

44, 1, pp. 75-90, Warsaw 2006

Interactive buckling in thin-walled beam-columns with widthwise varying orthotropy

Tomasz Kubiak
An analysis of local buckling of thin-walled beam-columns, taking account global precritical bending within the first order approximation, is presented in the paper. The problem of interactive buckling of the structure is solved by means of Byskov and Hutchinson's (1977) or Koiter's (1976) approximation theory. Beam-columns made from orthotropic plates with the main directions of orthotropy parallel to the wall edges characterised by a widthwise varying orthotropy coefficient $ \eta_i=E_{yi}/E_{xi}$ are investigated. Beam-columns with open sections (i.e. channel sections), simply supported on the loaded edges, are analysed. The girders are subjected to loads which cause a uniform or linearly variable shortening of the edges.
Keywords: interactive buckling; thin-walled structures; orthotropy