Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

44, 2, pp. 323-349, Warsaw 2006

Application of finite variations to topology and shape optimization of 2D structures

Dariusz Bojczuk, Wojciech Szteleblak
The method of simultaneous topology and shape optimization of 2D structures by finite topology modification is presented in the paper. Both, structures in a plane state of stress and bending Kirchhoff's plates are analyzed here. Conditions for the introduction of finite topology modification based on the topological derivative are specified. When the respective condition is satisfied, finite holes and finite variations of existing boundaries are introduced into the structure. Next, standard shape optimization of new holes and variable boundaries is performed. Two basic types of modification are considered here, namely the introduction of holes of a prescribed size and shape and the introduction of holes of an unknown size and shape together with the introduction of finite changes of other boundaries. A heuristic algorithm for optimal design of topology and shape is proposed in the paper. Illustrative examples confirm applicability of the proposed approach.
Keywords: 2D structures; optimal topology and shape; topological derivative; finite modification; structure evolution