Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 2, pp. 239-257, Warsaw 2007

On the modelling of heat conduction in a non-periodically laminated layer

Jarosław Jędrysiak, Alina Radzikowska
Heat conduction in a thick layer made of non-periodically distributed micro-laminas of two rigid conductors is considered. Macroscopic properties of the layer are continuously graded across its thickness (FGL layer). The aim of the paper is to propose an averaged model of non-stationary heat conduction in the thick layer with functionally graded macroscopic properties. Model equations are derived in the framework of the modified tolerance averaging technique, cf.ŠWoźniak and Wierzbicki (2000). Moreover, the model is applied to show the microstructural effect on heat conduction in the FGL layer.
Keywords: heat conduction; functionally graded material; non-periodic layer