Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 2, pp. 379-403, Warsaw 2007

Dynamic compensation of dynamic forces in two planes for the rigid rotor

Tadeusz Majewski, Radoslaw Domagalski, Marco Meraz Melo
The paper presents a method of automatic compensation of dynamic forces acting on a rigid rotors as a result of their unbalance. It is done by free elements located in two planes. The free elements rotate together with the rotor and generate forces that can be opposed to the rotor unbalance. The paper presents physical and mathematical models. It is shown for what positions of the free elements they can compensate the unbalance. Numerical simulations show that the elements status goes to these positions. The vibration forces were defined and it was pointed out that they push the free elements to these positions. The vibration forces take zero values in ball positions for which the system is balanced. They are positions of the equilibrium. The stability of the free elements in these positions is discussed. Ranges of the rotor velocity in which the system balances itself are defined. The paper presents a simulation of the behavior of the system during the balancing for different unbalance situation. The influence of resistance of the free elements on the efficiency of the method is verified. The theoretical results are verified during laboratory experiments.
Keywords: rotor; vibration; self-organizing system