Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 3, pp. 513-537, Warsaw 2007

Computational and experimental analysis of gas-particle flow in furnance power boiler instalations with respect to erosion phenomena

Bolesław Dobrowolski, Jacek Wydrych
The paper presents a method for finding such instalation elements which are especially subjected to erosion wear and a method for quantitative assessment of the erosion loss at a given operational time of a pneumatic conveying system. Motion of the gas is described by the Reynolds equation with the turbulence model. Motion of solid particles is described by the Lagrange equation. Then, the erosive loss of the wall material is calculated according to the Bitter model. The calculations are performed for a part of the dust system in BP-1150 boiler. It is found that a "cord" of particles is formed as a result of some changes of the flow direction inside the stream. High local intensity of particle collisions with the walls is the main reason for accelerated erosion of some parts of the system. The numerical calculation results are compared with the results of measurements on material losses of the elbow.
Keywords: pneumatic transport; pulverized coal; erosion