Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 3, pp. 539-556, Warsaw 2007

Transition modelling in turbomachinery

Witold Elsner
The paper deals with the problems of boundary layer modelling in turbomachinery applications, where various mechanisms are present, especially under the conditions of upstream wakes. The paper presents a review of recent achievements in interpretation of by-pass, wake induced and separation induced transition processes as well as the discussion of most important aspects of transition modelling. This review is complemented by physical explanation of transition phenomena based on the recent literature data as well as on the results of numerical and experimental investigations performed at the Institute of Thermal Machinery. The two test cases, i.e. steam turbine blade profile N3-60 and gas turbine blade profile T106A are used as a basis for the discussion of applicability of modern transition models.
Keywords: transition modelling; boundary layer; by-pass and wake induced transition; turbomachinery