Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 3, pp. 685-704, Warsaw 2007

Instability of the flow in rotating cavity

Ewa Tuliszka-Sznitko, Artur Zieliński
The transitional flow in rotating cavity is investigated numerically by Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and theoretical (LSA) methods. LSA results coupled with accurate numerical DNS and LES computations based on an efficient pseudo-spectral Chebyshev-Fourier method, brings new insight into the spatio-temporal characteristics of the isothermal and not-isothermal flows in the rotating cavities. DNS and LES computations have been performed for a wide range of Reynolds numbers to analyze different stages of the transition process. Computations have been performed for different geometrical configurations, including co- and counter-rotating cavities with throughflow.
Keywords: laminar-turbulent transition; rotating cavity; direct method