Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

46, 2, pp. 325-345, Warsaw 2008

Comparison of CICSAM and HRIC high-resolution schemes for interface capturing

Tomasz Wacławczyk, Tadeusz Koronowicz
The paper concerns the modelling of a flow with high density and viscosity ratios using the Volume of Fluid method (VOF). Two high resolution schemes are used for discretization of the nonlinear convective term in the equation for transport of the volume fraction. Properties of the schemes are compared by taking into consideration their ability to capture the interface subjected to strong deformation. We show that diffusive properties of the high-resolution schemes affect the obtained solution. Verification of the schemes is performed in two test cases: rotation of a solid body with a slot and sloshing of water in a rectangular tank.
Keywords: free surface flow; Volume of Fluid method; high-resolution schemes