Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

47, 1, pp. 177-192, Warsaw 2009

Static and dynamic interactive buckling of composite columns

Zbigniew Kołakowski
The static and dynamic problem of interaction of global buckling modes in compressed columns with complex open and closed cross-sections was considered in the paper. The columns made of laminate composites were assumed to be simply supported at both loaded ends. A plate model was adopted in the analysis. The equations of motion of individual plates (Schokker et al. , 1996; Sridharan and Benito, 1984) were obtained from Hamilton's Principle, taking into account all components of inertia forces (Teter and Kołakowski, 2005). Within the frame of the first order nonlinear approximation, the dynamic problem of modal interactive buckling was solved by the transition matrix using a perturbation method. Distortions of cross-sections and the shear-lag phenomenon were taken into consideration in the problem solution. A modification of the quasi-bifurcation dynamic Kleiber-Kotula-Saran criterion (Kleiber et al. , 1987) was proposed. A comparison of the proposed modification to th e Budiansky-Hutchinson criterion (Budiansky and Hutchinson, 1966; Hutchinson and Budiansky, 1966) was presented for a rectangular pulse loading.
Keywords: lamina; composite; buckling; pulse loading; interaction