Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

51, 2, pp. 327-337, Warsaw 2013

Interaction between matrix crack and elliptic inclusion under dynamic loadings

Ying Li, Zhuocheng Ou, Zhuoping Duan, Fenglei Huang
The strain-rate effects on the interaction between a matrix crack and an elliptic inclusion in granule composites under dynamic tensile loadings are investigated numerically. It is found that the crack deflection/penetration behavior depends on the relative strength and local curvature of the interface as well as the loading-rate (or strain-rate). For a certain interfacial strength, there exists a critical strain-rate above which the crack can penetrate across the interface; otherwise, the crack deflection occurs. Moreover, the critical strain-rate is found to be dependent only on the local curvature of the interface near the crack tip regardless of the size and shape of the elliptic inclusions.
Keywords: interface; fracture toughness; crack deflection/penetration; granule composites