Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

52, 3, pp. 745-755, Warsaw 2014

An innovative method for stress analysis of Y25 bogie under oscillating loads due to tank wagon fluid sloshing

Mohammad Ali Rezvani, Mohammad Mahdi Feizi, Morad Shadfar

Freight wagons carry higher axle loads and may travel along tracks of lower quality. This can be interpreted as higher dynamic loading of freight bogies especially for tanker cars that are subjected to sloshing loading. Rail irregularities, particularly during braking and running on curved tracks initiate the fluid sloshing. This article is about introducing an innovative method for analyzing bogie stresses of tanker cars while in travel and under critical circumstances. The effect of the vehicle speed of travel, its liquid filling ratio, track quality and fluid density are also investigated in terms of stress results of bogies.
Keywords: Y25 bogie; dynamic modeling; FEM; stress analysis; longitudinal sloshing