Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

52, 3, pp. 757-766, Warsaw 2014

Numerical analysis of the intake vortex formation in the case of a double fuselage shielded inlet

Adam Kozakiewicz, Michał Frant

The paper raises a very important problem, concerning the work of turbine-jet engines, that is the intake vortex. A phenomenon which is relevant to all engines of this type. The article demonstrates literature data determining the influence of the airflow direction and zone on the possibility of vortex formation, taking into consideration the influence of basic geometrical data. The outcomes of calculations related to the formation of the inlet vortex for a given fuselage shielded inlet constructional system are shown. The studies are concerned with determination of the influence of angles and the gust speed value on forming of the vortex in this kind of intake.
Keywords: turbine-jet engine; inlet intake vortex; computational fluid dynamics